Authoring reusable and portable Web Components

Common pitfalls and tips about creating reusable and portable Web Components.

19 May 2023

Adding gesture-based interaction to your website

Gesture helper that can be used on any element to detect gestures over it.

31 August 2018

Netflix clone web app template (PWA)

Yet another Progressive Web App

20 August 2018

Ready to use Progressive Web App template

Faaast, simple, modern PWA template.

13 August 2018

Client-side HTML/CSS pre-processing

Using zuix.js global hooks to process content in a detached state.

7 August 2018

Web app bundling in the browser with zuix.js

You don't always need build tools to optimize page loading

1 August 2018

Adding a ViewPager to your web app

Meant to be a Twitter mobile clone, ended up in something else.

29 July 2018

Unique, lovely web bits

Just about what I was up to yesterday

26 July 2018

Mobile web app layout from scratch

Create a mobile app layout in 5 minutes (@!?!) =)

22 July 2018

Component-based web with zuix.js

Meet zuix.js, a small yet powerful library for component-based web development.

19 July 2018
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