Web development


A lightweight library for creating modular and component based websites with just HTML, CSS and (maybe) JavaScript.

Web Starter template

Basic template with light/dark modes, collapsible header and FAB menu. The one used for this page.

Web App template

A typical mobile app layout, with side drawer, collapsible header, Material Design UI.

News Blog template

Fully immersive template, suitable either for publishing feeds of news or blog posts. With search and bookmark.

zKit components

A collection of framework-agnostic components for the web, built with zuix.js.

Software development


The open source, programmable, home automation server for smart connected devices and applications.

HomeGenie Panel

Featured mobile client for HomeGenie server and other services. A control panel for your smart home/applications.


Cross platform serialport helper class with hot plug and automatic reconnection on error/disconnect.


Z-Wave Home Automation library that works with most serial controllers. 100% managed code implementation.


X10 Home Automation library that supports both CM11 / CM15 hardware and RF messages decoding.

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